• Reactors are fabricated in M.S, SS 316 & 304
  • We manufacture Reactors from 100 to 32,000 Lts. Reactors at pressure 3 Kg/Cm2 to 60 Kg/ Cm2
  • Reactors are made with Jacket or Limpet Coils
  • Reactors are insulated with glass wool followed
    by polyurethane foam and lined with SS Sheet.
Heat Exchangers

  • Custom designed Heat Exchangers as per customers requirement
  • Our range includes 1M2 to 60M2 in multiple passes
Agitated Nutsche Filter Pressure Filter Leaf Filter
  • We make ANF capacity from 250 3000 Lts.
  • Vacuum/Pressure Agitated Nutsche Filter works as a completely closed system.
    Very high solvent recovery is possible.
  • Saves manpower, complete operations can be handled by a single un-skilled person with little training.
  • Very effective washing of the cake upto the special feature of Re-Slurrying.
  • Capable of doing Reaction, Filtration, Washing and Distillation in the same equipment.
  • Possibility of combining Filtration and Drying in one system without intermediate handling of wet cake.
  • ANF can be with special construction for sterile applications with high standards of particulate purity.
  • Our range is from 100 to 4000 Lts.
  • Blenders can be Fabricated for Non GMP & GMP Models
  • For Discharge, Iris Valve or Butterfly Valve can be provided
  • Loading can be done with Vacuum Suctions System
Octagonal Blender Double Cone Blender  
Vaccum Dryer
Ribbon Type
U Shape Dryer
Vaccum Tray Dryer Spin Flash Dryer
Rotary Vaccum Dryer
  • Rotary dryers are made from 100 Lts. to 2000 Lts.
  • Rotary dryers can be provided with Mechanical Seals.
  Spin Flash Dryer
  • Most energy efficient drying system in the world, the efficiency being 60 to 80%
  • Dust free operation, because it operates under negative pressure
  • Very wide range of applications as compared to other type of direct contact dryers
  • Dries wet Cake. Continuous operation, hence more production
  • Dryer can also perform the function of conveying.